The NHL makes the 2024 Toronto All-Star Game officially official

Photo credit:Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Jon Steitzer
1 year ago
The NHL doesn’t keep secrets well. We’ve heard about the All-Star game coming to Toronto for some time now, pretty much since the December Board of Governors meeting put the World Cup of Hockey on hiatus. That said the NHL isn’t going to be robbed of the opportunity to make their announcements on their timelines and on their terms and that’s why it is now official today and we can begin planning our lives accordingly.
After being treated to another largely underwhelming and boring skills competition last night (save for a couple of fun moments courtesy of Sarah Nurse, Connor McDavid, and the dunk tank) and with another All-Star game that is mainly going to be viewed by people who couldn’t come up with better plans for their Saturday, there might be a bit of “why should I care?” or “why would we want this?” attitude about the All-Star game, and that’s fair. The biggest appeal of the All-Star game, as those of you who were around for the 2000 All-Star game will remember are the things that aren’t televised. Having the city taken over with hockey related events and concerts will make for a good time for the GTA, provided it’s not minus 30 during next year’s All-Star weekend.
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I’m generally curious what Toronto centric events the league will come up with, will players shoot at garbage can targets until raccoons climb out? Will there be a hockey fight super skills competition held at the Spadina McDonalds? Will players have to merge a Zamboni from the left lane of the DVP to their exit 500m away?
All of that excitement we’ll have to wait for, but as jaded as some of us might be towards watching the All-Star game on TV, landing the All-Star is a win for Toronto hockey fans.

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