TLN’s 2022 Consolidated Draft Rankings

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Kyle Cushman
2 years ago
The 2022 NHL Entry Draft is nearly here. In just over a week, Montreal will host the first in-person draft in three years, setting up for an event to remember. Not only do the Canadiens hold the first overall pick, but there is also uncertainty as to who will be the first name off the board, in addition to plenty of intriguing storylines down the order.
22 rankings currently have been compiled for this consolidated ranking. Lists from the following outlets have been included, as well as rankings from individual scouts from these outlets:
  • Daily Faceoff
  • Dobber Prospects
  • Draft Prospects Hockey
  • Elite Prospects
  • Future Considerations
  • Hockey Prospecting
  • McKeen’s
  • Recruit Scouting
  • Smaht Scouting
  • Sportsnet
  • The Athletic
  • The Hockey News
  • The Hockey Writers
  • TSN
For more information on many of the prospects on this list, be sure to check out Nick Richard’s top 100 list here on The Leafs Nation.
Also, note that all of the rankings included are exclusively those that are final lists from the respective outlet or scout. Rankings that are recent but not final, such as Corey Pronman’s, have not been included.
Here are the rankings:

First Round

1Shane WrightCOHL12
2Logan CooleyCUSNTDP16
3Juraj SlafkovskýLWFinland116
4Šimon NemecRDSlovakia29
5David JiříčekRDCzechia29
6Matt SavoieCWHL319
7Joakim KemellRWFinland313
8Frank NazarCUSNTDP225
9Cutter GauthierLWUSNTDP522
10Jonathan LekkerimäkiRWSweden618
11Danila YurovRWRussia426
12Kevin KorchinskiLDWHL640
13Denton MateychukLDWHL525
14Pavel MintyukovLDOHL726
15Brad LambertRWFinland542
16Marco KasperCSweden831
17Liam ÖhgrenLWSweden1125
18Conor GeekieCWHL831
19Isaac HowardLWUSNTDP1043
20Noah ÖstlundCSweden10NR (Top 32)
21Rutger McGroartyCUSNTDP1540
22Jiří KulichCCzechia14NR (Top 32)
23Jagger FirkusRWWHL1434
24Filip MešárRWCzechia1059
25Owen PickeringLDWHL1353
26Ivan MiroshnichenkoRWRussia1240
27Jimmy SnuggerudRWUSNTDP853
28Ryan ChesleyRDUSNTDP1272
29Calle OdeliusLDSweden1552
30Gleb TrikozovCRussia882
31Owen BeckCOHL2161
32Nathan GaucherCQMJHL2258

Second Round

33Lian BichselLDSweden1955
34Lane HutsonLDUSNTDP8NR (Top 64)
35Mattias HävelidRDSweden2666
36Tristan LuneauRDQMJHL2771
37Seamus CaseyRDUSNTDP2454
38David GoyetteCOHL2053
39Luca Del Bel BelluzCOHL2384
40Ty NelsonRDOHL2794
41Sam RinzelRDUSHL2262
42Jack HughesCNCAA2973
43Filip BystedtCSweden3470
44Elias SalomonssonRDSweden3688
45Danny ZhilkinCOHL3372
46Adam SýkoraWSlovakia30NR (Top 120)
47Julian LutzCGermany3385
48Alexander PerevalovRWRussia19118
49Adam IngramCUSHL3183
50Noah WarrenRDQMJHL2098
51Matyáš ŠapovalivCOHL4476
52Mats LindgrenLDWHL3282
53Jani NymanLWFinland3991
54Simon ForsmarkLDSweden3084
55Paul LudwinskiCOHL3594
56Rieger LorenzCAJHL42109
57Vladimir GrudininLDRussia19NR (Top 120)
58Tomas HamaraLDFinland46NR (Top 128)
59Maveric LamoureuxRDQMJHL30111
60Reid SchaeferLWWHL20102
61Christian KyrouRDOHL36154
62Cameron LundCUSHL35111
63Hunter HaightCOHL34NR (Top 100)
64Isaiah GeorgeLDOHL35NR (Top 100)
65Matthew PoitrasCOHL3987

Third Round

66Bryce McConnell-BarkerCOHL42112
67Jordan GustafsonCWHL29NR (Top 100)
68Devin KaplanRWUSNTDP36NR (Top 120)
69Vinzenz RohrerRWOHL59126
70Ludwig PerssonCSweden45NR (Top 120)
71Jordan DumaisRWQMJHL33116
72Fraser MintenLWWHL47114
73Matt SeminoffRWWHL56NR (Top 100)
74Aleksanteri KaskimäkiCFinland55108
75Kasper KulonummiRDFinland50134
76Nick MoldenhauerRWUSHL40129
77Ryan GreeneCUSHL55113
78Alexander SuzdalevLWSweden37NR (Top 121)
79Viktor NeuchevLWRussia38NR (Top 128)
80Topi RönniCFinland41104
81Dylan JamesLWUSHL51NR (Top 160)
82Gavin HayesRWOHL46NR (Top 121)
83Jack DevineRWNCAA37143
84Michael FisherRDUSHS42113
85Artyom DudaLDRussia32NR (Top 128)
86Otto SalinRDFinland52NR (Top 128)
87Cruz LuciusRWUSNTDP55140
88Tyler BrennanGWHL62142
89Michael BuchingerLDOHL48NR (Top 128)
90Ilya KvochkoLWRussia64NR (Top 160)
91Beau JelsmaLWOHL65NR (Top 120)
92Brandon LisowskyCWHL53NR (Top 121)
93Topias LeinonenGFinland62139
94Pano FimisCOHL48164
95Miko MatikkaRWFinland44176
96Jake KarabelaCOHL69186
97Elias PetterssonLDSweden57152
Be sure to watch out for more of our draft coverage here at The Leafs Nation. We’ll have lots on potential targets for the Toronto Maple Leafs and much more in lead up to the draft on July 7 and 8.
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