Travis Dermott has been traded to the Canucks

Photo credit:© John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
Jon Steitzer
1 year ago
The rumblings turned to scuttlebutt turned to a trade today, as the rumours of Travis Dermott to Vancouver came to fruition.
Travis Dermott wanted out. The Leafs didn’t have a place for him, and it seems that Vancouver is as good a place as any to send him, as a non-playoff Western Conference team will burn the Leafs a lot less than anyone else on this type of move.
The Leafs pick up a draft pick in the process, which shows that this deal was largely about clearing cap space and giving Travis Dermott a fresh start, not much else.
Dermott’s departure means a hit to defensive depth, but with the arrival of Giordano, Dermott was going to be at least the 9th defenseman on the depth chart. He deserves a better shot than that, especially with so much of his career still ahead of him.
We’ll update this post once we know what year the 3rd round pick is from.
It’s now officially the Jets 2022 3rd round pick that was acquired from the Canucks.

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