WoHo: Here’s what’s happening in Women’s Hockey

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3 years ago
Hello friends and WoHo fans! We’re back with another look at what is making headlines in the world of women’s hockey this week. There are lots of rumblings and rumors and activity, so let’s dive in.
Remember last week how we mentioned that there seemed to be some indication that one women’s hockey league was the way of the future? Well…
More resignations, more changing of the guard at the NWHL certainly seem to support that notion. Whether this is just a cleaning of house or something more remains to be seen – but it’s something.
Speaking of changing of the guard –
While some guards are a’changing, the NWHL playoff teams make preparations for the Isobel Cup playoffs happening next weekend:
Of course we love and admire all the NWHL teams, but we have to admit we hold a special affinity for the Toronto Six, obviously, and so per the Ice Garden, the roster and some notes on how the Six will look at the playoffs:
Goaltenders: Elaine Chuli, Samantha Ridgewell
Defenders: Kristen Barbara, Lindsay Eastwood, Emma Greco, Megan Quinn, Sarah Steele
Forwards: Julie Allen, Brooke Boquist, Taytum Clairmont, Sarah-Eve Coutu-Godbout, Amy Curlew, Shiann Darkangelo, Emily Fluke, Mikyla Grant-Mentis, Mackenzie MacNeil, Natalie Marcuzzi, Breanne Wilson-Bennett, Emma Woods, Taylor Woods
Notes: Brooke Boquist, Emily Woods, and Kristen Barbara are all back in the mix after being listed as “unavailable” during Lake Placid. We have come to understand that the label “unavailable” was more often than not the NWHL’s version of a COVID list. As was the case in Lake Placid, the Six are rolling with five defenders.
On paper, the Six look like they are at 100 percent. Of course, a lot can change between now and March 26 but the top seed looks like it could be in top form in Boston.
If you’d like to read about all of the teams, check out the awesome article HERE.
Now, while we’ve been suggesting that the writing is on the wall for a merger of sorts between the NWHL and the PWHPA, it looks like that might take longer than we thought – or else this is a really awesome fake out?
Meanwhile, over in PWHPA land:
More and more women involved in the hockey world seem to be throwing their support behind the PWHPA, which is leading many to question the sustainability of the NWHL model.
While the two entities remain somewhat at odds and occasionally even contentious, the tweet below summarizes our perspective on things:
The overall goal remains the same: grow the game of women’s hockey, increase viewership, professionalize the sport so the athletes can make a living. And, equally as important – show young girls and aspiring hockey players that they belong.
With that in mind, we end off with a shameless plug. After the Isobel Cup is awarded, TLN will be posting a reflective article on the NWHL and Toronto Six season. If you are so inclined, we’d love to hear from you about your experience this season:
We’ll be back next week with more WoHo happenings – including some playoff previews!

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