Zach Bogosian rumoured as a buy low option for the Leafs

Photo credit:Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports
Jon Steitzer
3 years ago
Here’s the thing, I get it that Zach Bogosian isn’t high on the list of names that anyone is looking at to “fix” the Leafs blueline, but that doesn’t make these developments any less interesting…
I probably don’t need to do a whole lot on why adding a defenseman who had his contract terminated by a non-playoff team isn’t likely to be a surefire solution to what ails the Leafs, and I’m not fully sure I can talk myself into Bogosian being a good idea at all, but what Bogosian does allow for, is the opportunity to get Liljegren out of the pressbox and back to the Marlies if the intention isn’t to play him. He likely keeps Martin Marincin off the ice, which also could be a good thing. He adds an extra layer of depth on the right side of the blueline in the event the Leafs make the playoffs, and when last I checked, while high end talent is best, depth is universally considered good. And there’s also the matter of if the Leafs wish to go the asset management route and mitigate some risk by trading Tyson Barrie, they have a capable blueliner to step in for the remainder of the season. Yes, I can talk myself into a Zach Bogosian experiment, if the price is right.
The price might be a challenge, as according to PuckPedia Bogosian is represented by none other than Darren Ferris of Marner contract fame. While you’d have to imagine that Ferris would be excited to deal with Dubas again, perhaps fans of cap flexibility would be less than thrilled. Though it’s hard to imagine a world where Bogosian gets anything more than league minimum to run out the clock on this season.
Bogosian’s numbers have been less than mediocre for a long time and throw in his injury history, and declining ice time, this really just comes down to a bit of name recommendation and a vague recollection of him being the defenseman drafted after Drew Doughty and before Alex Pietroangelo. As he approaches 30, I think it’s safe to say he’s not going to find his projected Norris caliber game.
As low risk depth, sure, Bogosian isn’t a bad option, but frankly I’d just rather see Liljegren play more. If he doesn’t get in the way of that or somehow bringing him in encourages Dubas to deal Tyson Barrie, then yeah, I can get on board for a couple months of Bogo.

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