Earlier today on this site Dylan Fremlin posted that he loves the Carolina Hurricanes and that he thinks you should too. Dylan is a traitor. Dylan has forgotten that it’s Buds All Day, not Buds unless the Hurricanes are playing. Don’t be like Dylan.
Dylan thinks the top reason to love the Canes is a guy who would be tied with Connor Brown for 8th on the Leafs in scoring. So you know what? You can keep your crappy Jeff Skinner. I’ll take the guy who does just as well despite regularly playing on the 4th line because this team is so beautifully deep, you have to be better than 13 points to earn a spot in the top nine. Jeff Skinner, more like Jeff skin tag.
Gord Bless the Leafs, and f*ck anyone who opposes them. Now the lineups.

Lineups via DailyFaceOff.com

Loose Change

  • I guess we’re living in a world where Cam Ward isn’t terrible anymore (5 games). This should do wonders for the game used Cam Ward goal stick I purchased in 2007 thinking I was getting in on the next big thing.
  • The Leafs are also in an interesting goaltending situation. On one hand, Curtis McElhinney should never play, but we’re in a back to back situation so we’re going to see him this weekend. My $.02 is that Andersen makes a lot more sense at Carolina, and let McElhinney have the goalfest game against the Caps tomorrow night.
  • Justin Faulk playing against the Leafs is a chance for the majority of Leafs fans to realize they’d really like Justin Faulk on the Leafs.
  • Matt Martin sits as a healthy scratch tonight. While it’s refreshing to see that Babcock is willing to sit a veteran fourth liner when he sees fit, I can’t help but think that Leo Komarov and Tyler Bozak are continuing to get free passes in this regard this season.
  • This is probably the best lineup card the Leafs have submitted this season, and I hope it pays off so we see more like this.
  • Don’t take the Hurricanes lightly, as they are the only ones powerful enough to defeat Devan Dark
The game starts at 7:30 and can be seen on TSN4


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