While we wait on the news for Tyson Barrie’s status, we do seem to have other defense related news, as Rasmus Sandin has been loaned to the World Juniors to play for Sweden.
This comes amidst another excellent season for Sandin on the Toronto Marlies, where he has 12 points in 18 games for the Leafs AHL club.
There was some speculation about whether or not he would be sent to the World Juniors with the recent injury to Tyson Barrie, and maybe even be called up to the Leafs, but that would then require either him or Travis Dermott to play on their off side, and the less they have to do that, the better. It seems like Martin Marincin will probably draw in instead if necessary, since he has more experience on his off side.
Going to the World Juniors will allow Sandin to give a chance to play top minutes for his home country and potentially dominate, and maybe pave the way for an NHL call-up afterwards. He had four points in five games in last years tournament.
This also comes in the wake of Greg Moore finally taking over the role of Marlies head coach, so he will be without his best defenseman for a couple of weeks while he figures out what he has with this Marlies team.