Photo Credit: Andrew Mok, @drumok

We have an injured Goat

You wanted Leafs news on this boring-ass off day?

How about an injury no one was really suspecting?

You didn’t want that?

Well, you’ve got it anyway.

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As you can see in the tweet above, Frederik Gauthier has hurt his foot. Whether the injury means something is broken or he just like, stubbed his toe really badly is not immediately clear. As he’s been slotting in and out of the fourth line, the injury doesn’t really do much to hurt the Leafs, as it just gives Tyler Ennis, Nic Petan and Trevor Moore a bit more assurance they’ll likely be in the lineup the next two games.

Gauthier has been a happy surprise this season. While not a needle-mover, he’s brought a defensive stability to the Leafs’ fourth line, racking up 12 points this season in 62 games played. His next NHL game played will be his 100th. Although perhaps not exact the type of contribute you’d like to unearth by spending a first-round pick on, he looks like he’s in the NHL for the forseeable future, which is more than we could’ve said for him even a year ago.

Here’s to a quick recovery, Goat!

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