Recapping the first half of the Leafs Prospect Rankings and the Rankings from our readers

We’re halfway through ranking and reviewing the Leafs prospects, and we’ve come to the point I’d consider my favourite part. The part where we get to criticize the rankings from our readers. I mean celebrate them. Yes. That’s it.

In fact, it’s hard to criticize the rankings because they are pretty close to what we put together, and to some extent you’ve all had the luxury of getting another month of looking at some of the players. I’m not going to spoil anything yet, but there’s definitely one player I think with the extra month we’d all have warmed up to as well, maybe not as much as our readers did, but what can I say? Recency bias is a mother.

Let’s start with the rankings of the TLN contributors:

You can find a summary of 16-20 and the honourable mentions here:

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The Leafs Prospect Rankings so far

And here’s who was ranked this week:

Ian Scott is the Leafs 15th ranked prospect

Semyon Der-Arguchintsev is the Leafs 14th ranked prospect

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Mac Hollowell is the Leafs 13th ranked prospect

Roni Hirvonen is the Leafs 12th ranked prospect

Joseph Woll is the Leafs 11th ranked prospect

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Well we’ve officially closed out the goaltenders. It was a fun, and maybe someday we’ll consider a goaltender one the Leafs top prospects, but not quite yet.

It’s worth noting that with the exception of Woll, all of these prospects were graded as C level prospects, but all had NHL readiness of either 1-2 years or 2-4 years according to our rankers. Mac Hollowell was the one we could see jumping up sooner.

And now your rankings…

We’ll see the TLN rankings for 1-10 in the next two weeks and we’ll revisit the reader rankings for 1-10 at that point as well. We allowed ourselves 3 honourable mentions, and we’ll do the same for our readers.

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HM Kristians Rubins 18 -3
HM Kalle Loponen HM Same
HM William Villeneuve 20 -1
20 Pontus Holmberg 19 -1
19 Filip Kral 17 -2
18 Artur Akhtyamov 16 -2
17 Joseph Woll 11 -6
16 Veeti Miettenen HM +5
15 Ian Scott 15 Same
14 Mac Hollowell 13 -1
13 Dmitri Ovchinnikov HM +8
12 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev 13 +1
11 Topi Niemela TBD TBD

So a small bit of intrigue as the players selected remain the same, and both the readers list and the TLN contributors lists consist of the same 23 players. When it comes to our top 10s, the TLN Staff as Topi Niemela in our 10, while the readers have Roni Hirvonen in theirs. A swapping of the Finns seems somewhat reasonable.

Our writers didn’t have the luxury of seeing Ovchinnikov win player of the month honours in the MHL, though admittedly we were still too low on him.

As for Miettenen, I guess some of our writers (not myself, of course) need to get caught up to speed on Miettenen.

And for our readers, I think you all might have gone cold on Woll a little prematurely after his first year of pro hockey. Most goalies don’t come in and run the AHL in their debut season, and he’s still a promising prospect, but one we’ve become a bit more cautious about too.

Considering we have nine of the same players remaining on both the readers and writers lists, I’m interested in seeing how much they’ll synch up. I will say there were some interesting voting trends with the readers on the top ten, we’ll touch on that when we recap their rankings again after the #1 has been crowned.