Leafs Postgame: Hockey is terrible

Ah, so we’re back at the “hate ourselves and the Leafs every time we’re watching them” stage again. It might not be time to start really really worry about the Leafs, but boy, they’re making it tough to cheer for them a heck of a lot either. What narratives are we going to rely on tonight? Too…


TLN Roundtable: Worrying about Auston

Friends, hello. Welcome to Friday and the TLN Roundtable discussion. Today, H0ckeyfan asks… On a scale of 1-10, what’s your panic level about Auston Matthews’ injury issues?


Morning-after recap: More like Alex Sta-loss

Well, that was about as forgettable a hockey game as you’ll ever watch. Were there a lot of goals? No. Were there a lot of cool saves? Also no. Any good fights? Any good storylines? Well, an AHL depth goaltender who was briefly in the Leafs organization just happened to pitch a shutout against them….


Morning-after recap: Can we get a do-over?

It isn’t very often a hockey game involving the Toronto Maple Leafs only has three goals involved with it. But hey, there’s exceptions to every rule, right? On a night against a mediocre team in Vancouver, the Leafs just didn’t have enough *OOMPH* to convert on their chances and ran into a hot goaltender in…


Frederik Andersen named NHL’s second star of the month for November

Remember October? Remember worrying about Frederik Andersen? The NHL announced their three stars of the month today, and well, can you blame them for their choices? After an ugly start to the year, Fred the Red shone bright like a diamond throughout the month of November and earned the NHL’s second star of the month….


Morning after recap: Still hilarious

We’re not going to forget this win for a long time. Despite only playing each other twice a year, Edmonton and Toronto have, somehow, formed a rivalry. Maybe it’s due to the jealousy of Edmonton fans. Maybe it’s due to the Connor McDavid-Auston Matthews… “debate”? (It’s been over for a long time). Or maybe it’s…


Leafs Postgame: Cane’t explain that

You know that old motivational poster of the cat hanging off the edge of a cliff where it says “hang in there?” Basically sums up the Leafs tonight. Corsis Chart powered by Corsica.hockey It was not a pretty night in terms of puck possession. The Leafs did not play very well, and very nearly almost…


Day-after recap: Unluckee

After losing a very winnable game in regulation on Monday against a bad team, the Leafs decided to lose a very winnable game in the shootout against a bad team. Let’s walk you through the goals of this one. There weren’t a lot, so we’ll keep this short. 1-1 Nick Bjugstad goal Overhead view of…