Dissecting the Hirvonen hit + Leafs linked to Brian Elliott?: Leafs Morning Take

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Nick Alberga
11 months ago
What goes hand and hand with a summer beach day?
Listening to Leafs Morning Take, of course.
We returned to the mix on Tuesday to discuss some of the latest stories regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs. I won’t lie, it’s been very quiet, but at the very least, it’s fun to share some summer stories with my co-host Jay Rosehill. You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth.
Did anyone catch the Nolan Dillingham hit on Roni Hirvonen from over the weekend at Leafs Development Camp. My goodness. From the moment I saw that, I looked forward to getting Rosey’s take on the hit and the situation. I get the outrage, but at the end of the day, last time I checked, hitting still has a place in hockey. Hope Hirvonen’s okay.
After that, the conversation shifted to the crease. Indisputably, the next key date on Toronto’s offseason calendar is July 21. That’s when Ilya Samsonov’s arbitration hearing is set to take place. That said, it doesn’t sound like it will get there. I almost wonder if Samsonov filing for arbitration was more of a favour to the Leafs more than anything else. Of course, it triggered a second buy-out window for the Leafs to play with (Re. Matt Murray).

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Furthermore, it’s not surprising – in the slightest – to hear the Leafs being linked to veteran free agent Brian Elliott. That’s according to a report from Larry Brooks of the New York Post. It’s become such a volatile position. If there’s one thing that can be learned from Toronto’s crease situation the past few seasons, it’s that you can never have enough depth in between the pipes.

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Even though we’re in summer mode, the Leafs talk never stops. If something happens, rest assured, we’ll be all over it. If you have the time, be sure to go back and check out some of our great interviews and segments from the debut season of the show.
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