It’s been 24 hours since Brendan Shanahan dropped the hammer. So, what now?

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Nick Alberga
1 year ago
As expected, the Leafs hit us with a classic Friday afternoon before a long weekend news dump.
So predictable.
And so, Kyle Dubas is out as Leafs GM.

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Firstly, before jumping to conclusions over what really happened, it’s important to stress that only one side of the story is out there. Over time, I’m sure Dubas will say his piece, but for now, all we have to dissect is Brendan Shanahan’s word. At the end of the day, it’s a business. As cruel as it sounds, you’re hired to be fired —especially in the NHL world. Dubas got his day; Shanahan will have his down the road I’m sure as well. When money’s involved, all bets are off, regardless of the partnership at hand.

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Any way you slice it, what’s done is done. The next few weeks will be a pivotal stretch as the search for a new general manager begins in earnest. Of note, Shanahan said he wants someone with experience —which is totally understandable. Having said that, it’s easier said than done to find the perfect fit to complement what the Leafs already have in the likes of Brandon Pridham, among others. Kyle Dubas may have been the face of the operation, but rest assured, there are numerous others behind the scenes doing a lot of heavy lifting.
Additionally, I’m genuinely curious to see what this means for the future. As we’re all well aware, both Auston Matthews and William Nylander are eligible for contract extensions on July 1st. If Toronto can’t re-sign them, they run the risk of losing them for nothing in free agency in the summer of 2024. On top of that, both Matthews and Mitch Marner have full no movement clauses that kick in on July 1st.

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Buckle up, the next six weeks should be something.

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