NHL Puckdoku answers and clues: July 21, 2023

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Alex Hobson
8 months ago
The new game “puckdoku” is taking the hockey world by storm. Here’s how it works. There’s a 3×3 grid, and each row and column are marked with either a team or a statistic of some sort. You have to guess players who meet the criteria for both the column and the row for the square you’re on. For example…if your square is in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ column and the St. Louis Blue row…Ryan O’Reilly would work. If it’s in the Washington Capitals column and the row says “40+ goals in a season”, Alex Ovechkin would work. You can play the daily Puckdoku puzzle here:
There’s also a rarity score in the form of a percentage next to the player you guess…the lower the percentage, the more rare the guess. Once you start getting used to the game, you want to shoot for a low rarity score. 
Without further ado, here are some hints for today’s puckdoku puzzle.
Devils/Penguins: Player just completed his fourth season in the league, three seasons with one team and one season with the other.
Sharks/Penguins: Player was the subject of a viral goal call from Harnarayan Singh on Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi Edition during the 2016 Stanley Cup Final
Flames/Penguins: Player is arguably the greatest player in Flames’ history
Devils/Blue Jackets: Player was briefly known as the “water bottle police”
Sharks/Blue Jackets: Player just signed with a Central Division team after being traded to a different Central team at the 2023 trade deadline.
Flames/Blue Jackets: Player signed with the Blue Jackets after a 100+ point season with the Flames
Devils 50+ assists single season: Player played for the Devils from 1997 until 2016
Sharks 50+ assists single season: Player recorded only seven points in his rookie season after being drafted first overall by a different team
Flames 50+ assists single season: Player was originally drafted by the Dallas Stars and has six middle names
The most popular answers to today’s Puckdoku puzzle are below this picture of referees. Don’t scroll if you don’t want spoilers!
Devils/Penguins: John Marino
Sharks/Penguins: Nick Bonino
Flames/Penguins: Jarome Iginla
Devils/Blue Jackets: David Clarkson
Sharks/Blue Jackets: Gustav Nyquist
Flames/Blue Jackets: Johnny Gaudreau
Devils 50+ assists single season: Patrik Elias
Sharks 50+ assists single season: Joe Thornton
Flames 50+ assists single season: Jarome Iginla

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