The top ten Leafs players Instagram accounts, and the absolute worst one

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Nick Barden
1 year ago
This is going to be fun.
As we slow down to the dog days of the regular season, content becomes scarce. So, for today, we’re going to look through ten Maple Leafs players Instagram accounts and see who’s got the best-looking IG feed.
I will judge each account by aesthetic look, meaning that their Instagram feed has to look sharp for them to place lower in the standings. Whether it’s family photos, hockey photos, landscape, friends, or animal photos, all of it will be seriously judged.
If it ain’t looking good, then you will be crowned as the “absolute worst one”, courtesy of our Managing Editor, Jon Steitzer.
So, without further ado, let’s get started!
Disclaimer: This is all in good fun and I’m not taking any real jabs at any of the players. Think of it as satire.

10. Ilya Mikheyev

Mikheyev’s Instagram feed is top notch when you look at the dog in his second-most recent photo. His ad game is also quite strong with the Campbell’s Soup ad further below.
I think he would be much lower on the list if he had smiled in his third picture with his dog and wife. It was on Valentine’s Day, Ilya, you gotta smile.
Other than that, though, a very good feed and one that made me smile (because of his dog).

9. Pierre Engvall

Engvall’s Instagram feed offers a variety of pictures, including one of him cooking further down.
The Swede’s mixture of hockey, friends and family, style, and muscle photos makes for a pretty good feed. If he had a dog, it would make for a much nicer account.
His Calder Cup photo with Carl Grundstrum and Dmytro Timashov puts his feed over the top and allows him to make the top-10.

8. Jack Campbell

I would like to apologize to everyone for placing Campbell outside of the top-five. TLN’s Managing Editor Jon Steitzer actually thought this was the best feed all because of the birthday cat photo.
If I was more of a cat person than dog person, I would’ve liked it too.
His family photo at the All-Star Game in Las Vegas is a nice touch. I believe the downfall to his feed is him shaking a man’s hand in the middle of the second row. It’s a car ad, but I would’ve liked to see Campbell pose with the car instead of shaking someone’s hand.
As I’m writing this, I did see a dog photo further down his feed, but I believe those dogs are Jake Muzzin’s, so it doesn’t count.
I wish I could’ve placed Campbell closer to the top.

7. Morgan Rielly

I’m pretty sure Rielly would’ve placed further away from first if he didn’t have his dog in a photo.
Two of his last nine photos are him getting a car from a dealership in the GTA. Another photo is a practice photo, but I can’t say anything about that because it’s when he re-signed with Toronto this year.
Props to him for that.
I would say that his caption game needs to be a little bit stronger, but I assume that will come with more posts after he reads this article (he won’t read this article).
If Rielly had more photos of family, showcasing his style walking into the rink, and hockey photos, he’d be much closer to being the best on this list.

6. Rasmus Sandin

Sandin should seriously finish lower, but there are just so many good Instagram feeds.
The first photo with Nylander and the monkey while the Maple Leafs were in Washington was a great touch. Sandin also has a photo with himself and Timothy Liljegren, wishing him the best after he scored his first NHL goal.
We love to see that.
Everything else is strong, including his family photos, entrance into the arena photos, and just the sheer amount of spice throughout the feed.
If there’s any pick that’s not good, I’m going to tell myself it’s this one.

5. Alex Kerfoot

You don’t get much on Kerfoot’s Instagram feed other than his hockey photos and his dog photos. And honestly, that’s the perfect match.
The balance between the two makes for a very enjoyable Instragam feed that will always make me come back for more.  The further you go down in his feed, the better it gets, really. More hockey, more animals, and even a good Halloween photo gets into his account to make it look really solid.
Of all the Maple Leafs, he’s one of two sleeper picks in this challenge.

4. Auston Matthews

On any other hockey team, similar to Sandin, Matthews finishes in the top spot. I place him this far from first because of the number of hockey photos and ads.
I actually would’ve placed him further out from the top spot, but his photo with the Maple Leafs after he broke the single-season goal record saved the day. That, and the photo he has with Jack Campbell, Frederik Andersen, and a few others during the All-Star festivities back in February.
If Matthews had more photos of his fits, as well as what he wears into the arena, I think he’d be much closer to the top. It’s really unfortunate that I have to rate him this far down the list, to be honest.

3. Colin Blackwell

I honestly didn’t think Blackwell would have a good Instragam feed, but when I clicked on it, I was blown away.
The first photo you notice is the one with Justin Bieber — that alone gives him the ultimate clout status. If you have a photo with Bieber, you’re going to place high on this list.
Along with that, Blackwell has some nice family photos, with the last two featuring his dog. He also has some good hockey pictures — the last one being his return home to Boston with the Maple Leafs. That photo also featured family, which is always a plus.
He is my second sleeper pick and I’m not wrong for saying it. Harvard places strong on the Instagram feeds list.

2. William Nylander

Nylander’s feed is spectacular, really.
The nice balance of hockey photos, artsy photos, and landscape photos allows for his Instagram feed to mesh really well together. Further down, he as a photo with his dog, Pablo, which is always 10/10.
His style game is probably one of the best on the Maple Leafs and makes for some nice looking photos. But you cannot forget about his CN Tower with the caption “what’s up”, which will forever be a meme throughout Leafs Twitter.
Everything flows amazingly together for him to place in the top-two.

1. Mitch Marner

There’s plenty of reasons as to why Marner’s Instagram feed is the best on the Maple Leafs.
To start, just look at the profile photo. That alone gets my first place vote. After that, Marner has a good balance of family photos, hockey photos (his hat-trick game, Matthews’ new single-season goal record, and the new Next Gen jerseys), and commercials.
Marner is one of the only players who has a hype video for himself prior to opening night, which is just next level. Along with that, his acting is top notch, and it all makes for a great Instagram feed.

Absolute Worst: Michael Bunting

I would like to formally apologize to Bunting for this judgement.
At first glance, there’s no dog photo, but if you scroll further down, you can find it. As a fellow Golden Retriever owner, you’ve gotta have more posts with them.
One doesn’t cut it.
A photo with a car — always great — I would like to see just you and the car. Not knowing who that person is really leaves me questioning the photo. Also, you tagged the car, so I guess you named your Cadillac “@bunting27”.
Honestly, this feed is pretty good, but there had to be someone who I picked to be the absolute worst. I chose Bunting because he’s a “Greasy Rat”, per Kurtis Gabriel.

If you’ve made it this far into the article, just know I really appreciate you. It’s been a long season and I thank you for reading any of my articles, especially this one.
Again, if any Maple Leafs player, staff member, or friend/family member of a player is reading this, my satire might not be good right now, but give me a year and it’ll improve.
Hopefully whoever has read this got a chuckle at some point!
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