Pass or Fail: First look at the Justin Bieber All-Star Jerseys

Photo credit:nhl.com
TLN Staff
6 months ago
Earlier tonight the NHL announced the final players for the All-Star game as selected by the fans. The Leafs were well represented and while I’m sure there will be outrage from 31 other fanbases about that, it’s pretty much what has been done for every other host team, so direct your anger towards the Canucks instead.
In additional All-Star news, the jerseys have been unveiled/leaked:
When the earlier leak came out, it looked like it could have Justin Bieber’s finger prints on it, that has now been confirmed to be true:
I’m going to speak my truth on these and not on behalf of anyone else at TLN and say that I like them. I’ve wanted something overly Adidas for some time from the NHL and they finally delivered. They are bright and fun and certainly tacky. They might not be popular at the moment but twenty years from now these will be a favourite thrift store find for hockey fans.
Remembering that the All-Star Game generally tries to appeal to a younger market, these definitely feel like they are going young while still giving off some vibes of the 80s and 90s designs. The biggest criticism should be the lack of an orange or black option.
All of that being said, they do also give off practice jersey vibes and the lack of detail at the base of the jersey or the shoulders can rightfully be criticized.
Given that it is intended to be worn once, I’ll give it points for being different. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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